Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Swan Wrong Again

“Without using facts and by spinning his own fiction, Wayne Swan has again attempted to scare and confuse the elderly with unfounded comments about the Government’s Aged Persons Savings Bonus,” said Minister for Community Services Larry Anthony.

Despite Mr Swan’s claims in Parliament: –

  • I am advised by Centrelink, the Australian Tax Office and Department of Veterans Affairs that there is no record of a claim for the Aged Persons Savings Bonus for the person Mr Swan named in Parliament;
  • Claims for social security payments cannot be made in another person’s name, including those who have passed away;
  • The Government pays Bereavement Allowance – a lump sum payment to help with funeral costs.

“What Mr Swan is more interested in doing is using people to try and score cheap, emotional political points,” said Mr Anthony.

“Yet again he has got his facts wrong.

“If he was really concerned about the welfare of this family he would have contacted my office.

“Instead he has embarrassed himself and the Labor Party with these sensational claims in a crass attempt to win a headline and a handful of votes,” said Mr Anthony.