Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

July figures prove preparing for work a success

“Nearly 50,000 job seekers across the country people signed Preparing for Work agreements in July, taking full advantage of the Federal Government’s focus on jobs,” Minister for Community Services Larry Anthony said today.

“The new Preparing for Work Agreements, which started on July 3, inform job seekers of their obligations and help keep them focussed on what they must do to get a job,” said Mr Anthony.

“The Government’s policies are working, with 809,200 jobs created since coming into office and the unemployment rate is at its lowest for a decade – 6.3 per cent,” Mr Anthony said.

“Preparing for Work, which started in October 1999, helps ensure only genuine job seekers receive assistance.”

Preparing for Work helps job seekers find work by getting their focus right through:

  • Assessing how Centrelink can help the job seeker;
  • Agreeing on a work plan listing activities job seekers can undertake to find work;
  • Referring job seekers to programs that can help improve their chances of finding work;
  • Personal follow up – the same Centrelink staff member will regularly look at the job seeker’s progress.

Regional figures showing the number of Preparing for Work agreements signed since July 3 are:

Regional number
Area north Australia 690
Area north central VIC 4060
Area western Australia 5936
Brisbane 5858
Central and northern QLD 3289
East coast NSW 2049
Hunter 3007
Pacific central NSW 5729
South Australia 4424
Sth metropolitan NSW 2116
South west NSW 2056
South east VIC 3196
Tasmania 1300
West NSW 1753
West VIC 4003
National 49465