Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

Scary labor bogeyman

“As predictable as a Labor recession, the Opposition has started trying to scare the vulnerable over today’s release of the Welfare Reform Reference Group report,” Minister for Community Services, Larry Anthony, said today.

“Devoid of real ideas on welfare reform, Labor has resorted to irresponsibly creating a bogeyman to disguise its lack of policy through mischievous questions in Question Time today,” said Mr Anthony.

“Even the Australian Council of Social Service has welcomed the report.

“This National-Liberal Government will treat welfare reform in a responsible way.

“The need for welfare reform is well documented and accepted, as Australia experiences a profound economic and social transformation.

“We will analyse this report thoroughly. The Government’s response will be delivered before year’s end.

“The challenge for the Opposition is to join in a constructive debate based on substance, rather than resorting to fear,” said Mr Anthony.