Media Release by Senator the Hon Kay Patterson

National Launch of MoneyBusiness in Katherine

A major initiative designed to improve financial understanding for Indigenous people in six locations in the Northern Territory and Western Australia, MoneyBusiness, was launched today at an event in Katherine.

The Minister for Family and Community Services, Senator Kay Patterson was joined by ANZ Chief Executive Officer, John McFarlane in launching the national MoneyBusiness programme, a ground-breaking partnership between the Howard Government and ANZ.

Senator Kay Patterson said the program was an example of the Government working in partnership with Indigenous people, financial institutions such as the ANZ and non-government organisations.

“The $4.4 million Howard Government funding for the national MoneyBusiness programme will assist with training local Indigenous people to work with their own people to help them gain a range of skills to make the best possible money-management decisions,” Senator Patterson said.

“The programme aims to help Indigenous people better understand money matters, manage debt, save for the future and make better deals for themselves and their families when they shop.

“Over the three years of the partnership agreement, ANZ estimates it will contribute nearly $1 million. This will include the development of a comprehensive training package for all workers involved in the MoneyBusiness programme, funding for a matched savings programme and a dedicated project manager.

“The Katherine site is the first MoneyBusiness project to be launched and I am pleased that Mission Australia will be delivering the programme.

“The Howard Government has provided $145,000 in funding for the MoneyBusiness project in Katherine with an extra $38,000 for the delivery of training to participants.

“This project will help to build self reliance, improve living standards and strengthen families and communities,” Senator Patterson said.