Media Release by Senator the Hon Kay Patterson

Cuts to red tape to benefit community organisations and their clients

The Minister for Family and Community Services, Senator Kay Patterson, today pledged that her department would cut red tape to make it easier for community organisations to do business with the Australian Government.

Speaking at Wesley Mission’s annual ‘Window on Wesley’ forum in Perth, Senator Patterson said the new One FaCS approach would streamline processes within the department and improve its efficiency.

One FaCS aims to make it easier for community organisations, like Wesley Mission Perth, to work with my department by reducing red tape.

“Cutting red tape will mean that community organisations, many of which rely heavily on volunteers, can spend less time dealing with bureaucrats and more time helping people in the community.

“Community organisations will be provided with several ways in which they can contribute ideas and suggestions to my department on ways to reduce the barriers they face in working with the Australian Government.

“Community organisations have the experience and first-hand knowledge of both good and bad practice in dealing with government.

“Round table discussions will be held with a range of service providers to hear their ideas about cutting red tape while maintaining appropriate standards of transparency and accountability in the expenditure of taxpayers’ dollars.

“The One FaCS approach will help to cut the burden on community organisations, freeing up their resources so that they can be directed towards providing services to the Australian community,” Senator Patterson said.