Media Release by Senator the Hon Kay Patterson

Funding to reduce and prevent family violence in the Northern Territory

Joint Media Release with:

  • The Hon Clare Martin MLA, Chief Minister

The Australian and the Northern Territory governments will provide additional funding of $3 million to help reduce and prevent family violence as part of the Safe Families Project and the Indigenous Family Violence Offender Programme.The Minister for Family and Community Services, Senator Kay Patterson, and Northern Territory Chief Minister, the Hon Claire Martin, said the projects would help to address the issue of Indigenous family violence in the Territory.

“Family violence attacks the very core of family life, with tragic effects, especially on children. By delivering this funding, we are working together with Indigenous communities to reduce and prevent family violence and child abuse,” Senator Patterson said.

“By working together and in partnership with Indigenous communities, the Howard and Northern Territory Governments can help address Indigenous disadvantage and pave the way for a better future for Indigenous people.”

The Safe Families project will receive $1.9 million in funding to deliver a range of services including:

  • Family Houses – to provide accommodation for families who have been made homeless as a result of family violence.
  • Kids’ House – to provide short-term accommodation and care for young people until they can be placed with an appropriate carer.
  • Family Workers – local Aboriginal men and women who can support families during their stay in the family houses and beyond.

This new funding will build on the Australian Government’s existing investment of $396,000 in the project, which is being provided from Aboriginal Hostels Australia and the Attorney General’s Department.

Safe Families is an important project currently being provided by Tangentyere Council in the Northern Territory,” Ms Martin said.

“The funding will enable the service to continue to provide important family violence services to Indigenous people in Alice Springs and the surrounding area.”

The Indigenous Family Violence Offender Programme will receive $1 million to:

  • Train Indigenous facilitators to work with offenders in 12 remote communities.
  • Deliver a structured 50-hour course with Indigenous offenders to help them change their violent behaviour.

Locations for the project will be selected in close consultation with the Indigenous communities of the Northern Territory.

“The project will build on a successful trial of the programme in the communities of Tiwi, Yuendumu, Oenpelli and Ntaria,” Ms Martin said.

The two projects will be funded through the Family Violence Partnership Programme, which involves the Australian Government and state and territory governments working in partnership to deliver family violence programmes to Indigenous communities.

“By providing this additional funding to Indigenous communities in the Territory, we are strengthening and building a better future for Indigenous families,” Senator Patterson said.