Media Release by Senator the Hon Kay Patterson

Funding for Indigenous programs across Australia

The Howard Government will deliver $288,780 in funding to Indigenous communities for specific new projects in remote and regional Australia.

The Minister for Family and Community Services, Senator Kay Patterson, today announced funding would be allocated to projects under the Aboriginal and Islander Child Care Agency (AICCA) and Indigenous Parenting and Family Wellbeing (IPFW) Programmes.

“The funding to both programs will help communities become involved in projects to meet local needs, which will lead to better outcomes for Indigenous children and families,” Senator Patterson said.

“Issues tackled through the funded projects include reducing the incidence of family violence, improving health and wellbeing of children and families and increasing support and assistance for Indigenous people to participate in family life.

“For example, specific projects include the Parnngurr community in Western Australia, which will receive $23,700 in funding to run education and awareness sessions to teach Indigenous families traditional and contemporary parenting and child-rearing skills.

“Emu Point families in Northern Territory will benefit from $82,000 for a child care crèche. This funding forms part of the Howard Government’s commitment under a Shared Responsibility Agreement signed with the community in March this year.

“Indigenous families in the Irrungadji community in Western Australia will establish a health clinic to help strengthen parenting capacity and child wellbeing. With the help of $10,000 in Government funding, mothers will be given the opportunity to learn skills in sewing, household management, computing and personal care.

“The AICCA and IPFW programs work with communities to support the development of strong Indigenous families and, with the help of family support mechanisms, this funding ensures families have better access to support services in their communities.

“The Howard Government will continue working in partnership with communities and services to address the needs of Indigenous families and communities across Australia.

“This funding is about ensuring every dollar spent on Indigenous projects contributes to a better future for Indigenous Australians,” Senator Patterson said.

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A full list of the recipients is listed below.

State/Territory: Northern Territory
Location: Emu Point
Auspice: Emu Point Community Council
Service: Child Care Crèche
Funding: $82,000
Description: Emu Point community in the Northern Territory signed a Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA) on 29 March 2005. This funding for a crèche building is part of the Australian Government’s commitment under this SRA.

State/Territory: Victoria
Location: Mildura
Auspice: Mildura Aboriginal Corporation
Service: SEARCHING Programme Book
Funding: $13,000
Description: A book about the experience of participants in the SEARCHING Programme.

State/Territory: Victoria
Location: Melbourne
Auspice: Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA)
Service: Governance Training
Funding: $4,400
Description: VACCA Board of Directors will undertake training and develop a booklet highlighting key governance functions for Board of Directors.

State/Territory: Victoria
Location: Melbourne
Auspice: Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA)
Service: Action Research Training
Funding: $9,350
Description: Training for VACCA staff, managers, coordinators and project officer in the use of an Action Research Model. This process will be documented.

State/Territory: Victoria
Location: Melbourne
Auspice: Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA)
Service: Training on how to run the SEARCHING Programme
Funding: $13,400
Description: Aboriginal child and family welfare training to be able to run SEARCHING Programme.

State/Territory: Western Australia
Location: Wiluna
Auspice: Ngangganawili Aboriginal Community Controlled Health and Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation
Service: Indigenous Women’s Wellbeing and Leadership Programmes
Funding: $25,490
Description: Indigenous Women’s Wellbeing and Leadership Programme

State/Territory: Western Australia
Location: Six sites in the Kimberley Region
Auspice: Marnja Jarndu Women’s Refuge Inc. (Broome)
Service: Nutrition Programmes in women’s refuges/shelters in the Kimberley region of WA.
Funding: $30,000
Description: To hold nutrition awareness programmes for Indigenous mothers accessing refuge accommodation.

State/Territory: Western Australia
Location: Fitzroy Crossing
Auspice: Nindilingarri Aboriginal Health Service
Service: Fitzroy Crossing Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) in Young Children
Funding: $15,000
Description: Employment of local, respected project worker to engage with families so as to identify family plans for prevention of STIs.

State/Territory: Western Australia
Location: Nullagine
Auspice: Irrungadji Group Association
Service: Mums and Bubs Time
Funding: $10,000
Description: Mums and Bubs Time, an assisted playgroup to be run to improve mothering skills. It will also hold information sessions on sewing, household management, computing and personal care.

State/Territory: Western Australia
Location: Parnngurr
Auspice: Parnngurr Aboriginal Community Childcare Playgroup Parenting Skills
Service: Parenting Skills
Funding: $23, 700
Description: To provide weekly playgroup sessions involving sharing and learning of traditional and contemporary parenting and child-rearing skills.

State/Territory: Western Australia
Location: Broome
Auspice: Burdekin Youth-in -Action
Service: Broome Teen Mum’s Group
Funding: $10,000
Description: Enhance the parenting capacity of 15-20 teenage mothers (aged 13-19).

State/Territory: Queensland
Location: Rockhampton
Auspice: Central Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Child Care Agency
Service: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Parenting Programme
Funding: $9,500
Description: To purchase, adapt and deliver a successful parenting programme developed by Remote Areas Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Care.

State/Territory: South Australia
Location: Adelaide
Auspice: Nunga Mi: Minar Shelter Inc
Service: Nunga Mi: Minar Play Package
Funding: $25, 000
Description: To train regionally based Aboriginal workers in the Nunga Child Play package.

State/Territory: South Australia
Location: Adelaide
Auspice: Aboriginal Family Support Service (AFSS)
Service: Gazetted Aboriginal Organisations
Funding: $17,940
Description: Employ a senior Aboriginal worker who will work with communities to explore what is required of a Gazetted Aboriginal organisation.