Media Release by The Hon Kate Ellis MP

Hip hop artists call for respect in relationships

Musical artists Pez, Matuse and Maya Jupiter will feature on a free hip hop CD called Liner Notes, using the power of music to send a message about respectful relationships.

Minister for the Status of Women Kate Ellis joined hip hop artist Matuse at the Sydney Cricket Ground to launch the CD as part of the Gillard Government’s The Line campaign.

Addressing the AFL Multicultural Talent Camp, Ms Ellis spoke to more than 40 young boys from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds about what respect means to them.

“The Line is all about getting young people to think about what is acceptable in a relationship and what crosses the line,” Ms Ellis said.

“It’s about having respect – respect for others and also respect for yourself.”

With more than 52,000 Facebook friends, The Line has already started a wide-reaching discussion among young people about what makes a respectful relationship.

The new music CD, Liner Notes, features musical artists from various cultures, and joins other campaign materials such as brochures, postcards and social media to take The Line message to young Australians from diverse cultural backgrounds.

“Each song on the CD has a message about respecting yourself and others and what it means to cross the line,” Ms Ellis said.

“With this CD we will be able to reach a whole new audience of young Australians, so that more young people are empowered to create respect in their lives and relationships.”

To complement The Line campaign, the AFL also delivers the Respect and Responsibility program to more than 3,500 young people, which is aimed at reducing violence and promoting equality and respect in relationships.

The Line is a $17 million Australian Government initiative to encourage respectful relationships in an effort to reduce the incidence of relationship violence. Launched last June, the four-year campaign uses social media, youth media and music to reach young people.

The CD will be available to stream from The Line website and there will also be competitions for young people to win copies of this limited edition CD.

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