Media Release by Senator the Hon Kay Patterson

Labor Divided Over Family and Tax – Time For Plibersek To Clarify

Labor is divided over whether they will keep their Family and Tax policy and whether the Howard Government’s $600 per child payment is real.Media reports today indicate the depth of Labor’s division by reporting on the one hand that Labor will scrap their Tax and Family policy and on the other committing to retain this policy.

A senior Labor frontbencher said yesterday that ‘We accept that given the election result, the $600 is going to be paid and the world will move on.’ (The Australian, 29/10/04, page 2)

On Tuesday, Mr Swan, the architect of Labor’s failed family policy and now responsible for Labor’s economic policies insisted that the $600 was not real.

Almost 1.26 million families with 2.35 million children have now benefited from the Howard Government’s $600 per child increase in Family Tax Benefit. This represents an average of over $1000 extra for each family.

Labor are clearly divided over it’s Family and Tax policy.

Labor’s new Shadow Spokesperson for Work, Family and Community, Tanya Plibersek, must tell Australian families whether she supports Labor’s election policies.

Ms Plibersek must come forward and answer two simple questions for Australian families.

  1. Does Ms Plibersek support Labor’s Family and Tax policy?
  2. Does Ms Plibersek believe the $600 per child family payment is real?Labor is divided over it’s Family and Tax policy. Where does Ms Plibersek stand?