Media Release by Senator the Hon Ursula Stephens

New research on social enterprise financial sustainability

Senator Ursula Stephens, today launched a new report on the viability and sustainability of social enterprise organisations.

The report, Financing Social Enterprise: Understanding Needs and Realities has been produced by Foresters Community Finance.

The research highlights the need for social enterprises to understand and adopt sustainable business operations, including moving the focus away from reliance on grant funding.

“Like Foresters Community Finance, the Australian Government has been investigating ways to better support the sustainability of the social enterprise sector,” Senator Stephens said.

The Australian Government is committed to ensuring the long term sustainability of the social enterprise sector as we work to create a stronger, fairer Australia.

“Australia’s social enterprises have been recognised around the world as effective models for delivering long-term positive social impact,” Senator Stephens said.

“I am confident that the findings of this report will support that valuable contribution for many years to come.”

The report is available at: Foresters Community Finance