Media Release by Senator the Hon Ursula Stephens

Supporting the not-for-profit sector

The Australian Government today announced the launch date of a new National Compact which aims to strengthen the working relationship between the Government and the not-for-profit sector.

The Compact has been developed following extensive consultations between the Government and the sector, which are outlined in the National Compact Consultation Report also released today.

The  Senator Ursula Stephens said the National Compact would be launched at an official signing ceremony at Parliament House on 17 March.

“The not-for-profit sector makes an extraordinary contribution every day to Australians across the country. The Compact gives us a great opportunity to build on already strong partnerships to tackle key social, environmental challenges,” Senator Stephens said.

“The Compact launch and signing ceremony will be a landmark day for both the community and the Australian Government” said Senator Stephens.

“The Compact will become the foundation from which together we can better serve the Australian community – from providing homelessness services and helping new migrants to settle in Australia, to protecting our environment and enriching our cultural life.”

Senator Stephens also announced the appointment of the members of a National Compact Sector Advisory Group to be chaired by Dr Ron Edwards.

Dr Edwards is a member of the Rudd Government’s Social Inclusion Board and founding member of the Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation supporting Indigenous youth.

Together, the Government and the Sector Advisory Group will develop concrete plans to implement the Compact’s shared principles and aspirations.

Details about the Sector Advisory Group can be found on the social inclusion website  (

The National Compact Consultation Report is available.