Media Release by Senator the Hon Ursula Stephens

Senator Stephens discusses compact with non profit managers

Senator Ursula Stephens today spoke at the Catholic Social Services Australia Directors’ Forum about the Australian Government’s national compact with the not-for-profit, or Third, Sector.

The Australian Government has been working closely with not-for-profit organisations to develop a national compact that will build a stronger working relationship between the Government and the Third Sector based on trust and mutual respect.

“We want to walk the talk of the compact as it is developed, so we are ensuring that it is the product of a collaborative and interactive process.

“Today’s forum has been an important opportunity for me to speak with sector managers about the progress of the national compact and to hear their views,” Senator Stephens said.

At the forum, Catholic Social Services Australia directors urged the government to be responsive to small communities and people living in the bush who contribute so much to their communities and foster community connection and well-being.

Senator Stephens also updated the group on the development of the national compact.

“We have recently completed a comprehensive consultation period to assist in developing the national compact, including a workshop, website forum and submission process to the Australian Government.

“The main message the Government received from the consultation period was that the compact should be based on a shared vision, purpose, principles and aspirations.

“The recent Productivity Commission’s report into the Third Sector affirmed the social and economic value of the sector, and confirmed the importance of the sector and Government working well together in order to ensure the well-being of all Australians”, Senator Stephens said

The plan for a national compact with the Third Sector is due to be considered by Government in December.