Media Release by The Hon Mal Brough MP

Report highlights failure of current child protection system

The failure of the current child protection system was made evident today through the release of child protection figures by the Australian Institute for Health and Welfare.

The figures prove that new tools to tackle child abuse in Australia are needed urgently.

“These are damning statistics that highlight the destruction that is occurring in too many young Australian lives,” Mr Brough said.

“New tools are needed to tackle this abuse such as the quarantining of welfare payments to ensure payments are being directed to the welfare of children concerned.

“It has now become clear that there are no technical obstacles to prevent this from happening and I encourage State and Territory governments and welfare agencies to work urgently on this issue.

“Quarantining of welfare is an additional tool we can use to protect children in our communities. All jurisdictions need to work with the Australian Government to develop every conceivable way to alleviate abuse and neglect of our children.”