Media Release by The Hon Mal Brough MP

1200 New In- Home Care Places

An additional 1,200 In Home Care (IHC) places are now available for families unable to access existing child care services due to their location or working hours.

Minister for Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, Mal Brough, today announced the new places, which could equate to an additional 5000 children across Australia now having access to child care services in their own home.

"As a flexible form of child care, IHC enables an approved carer to provide care in the child’s home and is targeted to parents working shift or non standard hours, or those located in rural or remote regions of Australia, who cannot access existing child care services.

"In the 2007-2008 Budget, the Howard Government committed an additional $8 million over four years to the IHC program, targeted at increasing the numbers of carers for families in remote locations" Mr Brough said.

"Services have an incentive to employ carers in remote and very remote locations as they will have access to higher rates of support funding. To receive this extra funding, services now need to have only 20 per cent of their carers in remote locations, reduced from 50 per cent.

"Families using approved In Home Care are eligible for Australian Government subsides – Child Care Benefit and the Child Care Tax Rebate.

"The Government is committed to ensuring taxpayer dollars support quality child care. We are working with State and Territory Governments to establish national standards for the IHC program, which will give parents confidence with the level of care provided to their children.

"By providing these additional child care places, the Howard Government is maintaining its commitment to assisting families access flexible, quality child care," Mr Brough said.

Attached is a list of the successful services.

Service name State / Territory Number of allocated places
Sydney In Home Care NSW 60
Illawarra In Home Care Service NSW 60
Central Coast In Home care NSW 15
Lismore District Family Day Care Inc NSW 20
Samaritans In Home Care NSW 60
Far West In Home Care Service NSW 20
Alice Springs Family Day Care Inc NT 100
North Queensland Remote In Home Care NT 35
Kath Dickson Family Centre Association Inc QLD 10
East Brisbane In Home Care Service QLD 30
Charleville Multifunctional Child Care Centre Inc QLD 65
Murilla Community Centre Inc QLD 10
Churches of Christ Care QLD 30
North Queensland Remote In Home Care QLD 70
Barcoo Family Day Care Scheme In Home Care QLD 12
Central West Family Day Care QLD 25
Dial An Angel Adelaide SA 30
Nanny SA SA 70
Cradle Coast In Home Care TAS 25
Mersey Leven Childcare Services TAS 110
City of Ballarat In Home Care VIC 30
Abracadabra Brighton Domestic Agencies VIC 80
Murrindindi In Home Child Care VIC 10
Grace In Home Care VIC 3
Susan Rogan Family Care VIC 25
Bambini Child Care Services Pty Ltd VIC 40
VPM In Home Care VIC 15
NSW Family Day Care Association Inc trading as NSW In Home Childcare Services VIC 10
Kimberley Family Day Care & In Home Care – WA (CCB) WA 20
City of Cockburn In Home Care WA 20
Community Vision In Home Care Service WA 60
Share and Care Community Services Group In Home Care Program WA 10
Choicein Care WA 20
TOTALĀ  1200