Media Release by The Hon Mal Brough MP

$1.5 million for NT Indigenous projects

Indigenous Affairs Minister Mal Brough today announced $1.57 million to fund projects put forward by the Northern and Tiwi Land Councils.

Mr Brough said $1.49 million will be spent to support the Northern Land Council’s Caring for Country program.

Local Aboriginal people are employed as Rangers on land care activities, including controlling pests and weeds.

“This funding will provide equipment, materials and transport to make sure the Northern Land Council’s program delivers the best possible results,” Mr Brough said.

“Land care projects are an investment in the future. We need to ensure that Indigenous people are able to care for their country so that Aboriginal land remains viable over the longer term.”

Mr Brough said the Tiwi Land Council will receive $80,000 for the first stage of a study which will look at further Tiwi investment in the expanding plantation timber export industry on Melville Island.

“The Tiwi islanders want to further develop their economy and we want to support their initiative,” Mr Brough said.

The funding is provided from the Aboriginals Benefit Account (ABA) for the benefit of Indigenous people in the Northern Territory.

ABA funds are generated from mining royalties on Aboriginal land. The Minister approves projects based on local community ideas and advice from the ABA Advisory Committee, chaired by Daly River School principal Miriam Rose-Baumann, AM. Through careful management the ABA reserve has now grown to about $112 million. The projects announced today bring expenditure over the past 12 months to almost $10 million.

“I look forward to considering more worthwhile projects like these from the Advisory Committee,” Mr Brough said.