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Media Release by The Hon Mal Brough MP

$10.80 pay rise for age pensioners

About 1.9 million age pensioners will benefit from a rise of up to $10.80 a fortnight in pension rates from March 20.

Minister for Families and Community Services Mal Brough said today the maximum single rate of pension will rise by $10.80 to $499.70 a fortnight.

The maximum partnered pension will increase by $9.00 to $417.20 a fortnight for each member of a couple.

“This means a single age pensioner will receive up to $280.80 extra a year, while partnered pensioners will have up to $234.00 extra a year,” Mr Brough said.

“It is worth remembering that over the 10 years the Howard Government has been in office, single pensions have risen by $163.80 a fortnight and partnered pensions have increased by $137.00 a fortnight.

“In 1997 it was the Howard Government which legislated that pension rates be linked to both the Consumer Price Index and the Male Total Average Weekly Earnings.

“Because of this Howard Government initiative, since March 1998 the maximum single rate of pension has increased by $55.50 a fortnight more than it would otherwise have done.

“The partnered rate of pension for each of a couple has increased by $46.70 a fortnight more than it would otherwise have done over the same period.

“As part of the latest rises, rates of other payments administered by my Department will also increase, including Carer Payment, Rent Assistance and Utilities Allowance, and the Maternity Payment will increase by $47.00 to $3,166.00.”