Media Release by The Hon Mal Brough MP

Labor dumps ‘double drop-off’ plan

A month after releasing its cobbled together child care policy, Labor is retreating on its claim of ending double drop-offs by co-locating child care centres on schools.

In media reports today, Labor’s childcare spokeswoman Tania Plibersek said a Labor government would look at other locations if individual schools were not suitable for child care centres.

"Labor’s admission that it would look at other locations proves yet again that Labor has concocted the policy on the run," Mr Brough said.

"In looking at alternative locations for child care centres, Labor has conceded that it will not build centres where there is demand for places.

"It was a cruel hoax on parents when Labor announced the plan on March 16 and just five weeks that hoax has been exposed."

In contrast, the Howard Government has done more than any other Government to address the demand for child care.

Places have doubled to more than 600,000 over the past 10 years while funding has doubled to $9.5 billion over the four years to 2008-09.

From July, the Child Care Access Hotline will be expanded to allow parents to be able to find a child care place near where they live or work across Australia.