Media Release by The Hon Mal Brough MP

Recruitment drive for 1200 Family Day Care workers

Recruiting an extra 1200 Family Day Care workers is the target for a campaign launched today by Family and Community Services Minister Mal Brough.

Mr Brough said the National Family Day Care Council of Australia’s recruitment campaign, Let’s Get Building, aims to increase the pool of 13,500 carers employed nationally.

"Family Day Care provides a flexible option for parents wanting their children to be cared for in a home environment and is an employment opportunity for parents wanting to return to the workforce," Mr Brough said.

"I would encourage those who enjoy working with children and wanting a rewarding role to consider family day care as an employment option.

"The recruitment of an extra 1215 carers for family day care is crucial if the work of this important service is to grow and provide further child care options for families."

As part of the launch, Mr Brough unveiled a National Recruitment Centre website, which provides career information to potential carers.

"The website offers potential carers with information on services in their areas, advice on fee setting, quality assurance and regulations, and how to promote their services," Mr Brough said.

The Howard Government contributed $200,000 towards the cost of this recruitment campaign.

"The recruitment campaign will have an Australia-wide focus and will equip family day care services with the recruitment tools to meet their own needs, if and when, they require additional carers," Mr Brough said.

As part of the Welfare to Work Package, the Government will provide incentives worth $2.7 million for start-up payments to help new Family Day Care providers. From 1 July 2006, new carers will be able to apply for a payment of up to $1500 which will help with the initial costs of setting up their home-based service.

The Government will also expand the Child Care Access Hotline from July to allow parents to be able to find the number of vacancies in their local area. The Howard Government has made available an extra 2500 family day care places from July this year. More than 100,000 children aged up to 12 years are enrolled in family day care in Australia.