Media Release by The Hon Mal Brough MP

Governments helping Indigenous communities build their future

Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Mal Brough, today welcomed the resolution by all State and Territory Housing Ministers concerning an Indigenous housing investment and reform strategy.

"I am heartened by the unanimous commitment to a process which will include, amongst others, the adoption of standards for the delivery of Indigenous housing including the review of corporate governance, financial performance and accountability along with other elements," Mr Brough said.

"I now urge the State and Territory jurisdictions to accept their responsibilities in supporting Indigenous communities throughout Australia

"The Howard Government demonstrates our ongoing commitment to Indigenous housing and infrastructure by delivering over $382 million a year and I am concerned by the extensive underspend by the States and Territories on Indigenous housing over recent years," Mr Brough said.

"This funding includes $289 million a year to the Community Housing and Infrastructure Program (CHIP), which aims to improve the living environment of Indigenous people by providing housing and infrastructure to those in need.

"Within CHIP, the Government delivers $50 million to the National Aboriginal Health Strategy improving the environmental living conditions in rural and remote Indigenous communities.

"The Government also funds the Aboriginal Rental Housing Program with $93 million a year, delivering better quality housing to urban, rural and remote communities in Australia.

"The Howard Government continues to lead the way delivering 73 per cent of the total funding, with State and Territories contributing only 27 per cent.

"I again call on the State and Territory Governments to deliver the much needed funding for Indigenous housing, reflecting the contribution the Howard Government continues to deliver year after year," Mr Brough said