Media Release by The Hon Mal Brough MP

Law and order boost for Mutitjulu with police station opening

The Australian Government has delivered on its commitment to boost law and order in Mutitjulu with the opening today of a local police station through federal funding of $2 million.

Minister for Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, Mal Brough said the local police station would assist in protecting residents and promoting justice in the community.

"The opening today of the local police station in Mutitjulu will bring a police presence to this community and allow the foundations of law and order to be established," Mr Brough said.

"Irrespective of where they live, all Australians deserve to live in a safe environment and this is why the Australian Government promised the community we would use federal money to establish this station."

Mr Brough said the station would be staffed by Northern Territory police and incorporated housing for two Aboriginal community police officers.

The Australian Government, in addition to investing in the new police station, had provided more than $500,000 to renovate the Mutitjulu Long Day Care Centre, $785,000 to strengthen the Substance Abuse Intelligence Desk in Alice Springs and more than $54 million to address petrol sniffing. Since the introduction of Opal fuel there has been a dramatic drop in petrol sniffing in the region.

In June, the Government also committed $130 million to provide safety for Indigenous children and communities. Mr Brough urged the Northern Territory Government to match the Australian Government’s contributions in addressing Indigenous disadvantage.

"If the Northern Territory Government comes to the table and matches our contributions, a large part of these monies will be spent in the Northern Territory," Mr Brough said.