Media Release by The Hon Mal Brough MP

A united voice for people with disability and their carers

An advisory council to the Howard Government will be established to provide advice on issues affecting people with disability and their carers in Australia.

The Minister for Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, Mal Brough, today announced the appointment of the executive and members of the new National Disability and Carer Ministerial Advisory Council.

"I am pleased to advise the Council will be chaired by Lorraine Elliott AM, with Michael Simpson as Deputy Chair for the disability stream, Belinda Epstein-Frisch AM as Deputy Chair for the carer stream and Christine Kerr as Special Envoy for mental health," Mr Brough said.

"Other members appointed to the Council are Anne Chaffey, Deirdre Croft, Byron Davis, Antoinette Edginton, Dr John Entwistle, Heather Forsyth, Maxine Griffiths AM, Rosemary Kayess, Paul Nunnari, Elizabeth Robinson, Dr Margaret Steinberg AM and Tony Vardaro.

isability, as well as expertise in the disability or carer sector.

"Obviously this has enabled the members to demonstrate their abilities to represent the views of consumers across both the sectors.

"The formation of the new Council creates a single advisory body on the inter-related issues of disability and the caring process.

"The Howard Government continues its commitment to meaningfully engage with people with disability and carers, ensuring its policies, programs and services meet the highest possible standards and I look forward to working with the new Council."