Media Release by The Hon Mal Brough MP

Another boost for Indigenous Territorians with $1.8 million to fund projects

Another boost for Indigenous Territorians with $1.8 million to fund projects

Indigenous Affairs Minister Mal Brough today announced that $1.8 million will be provided to expand anti-petrol sniffing programs in Central Australia and to begin development of a tourist resort on Groote Eylandt.

The Docker River community will receive from $330,000 for an anti-petrol sniffing program and for diversionary activities for youth in crisis.

"This funding from the Aboriginal Benefit Account (ABA) will strengthen the anti-petrol sniffing programs already underway in Central Australia," Mr Brough said.

"The project builds on a range of initiatives supported under the Government’s 8 point plan to tackle petrol sniffing which includes the roll-out of Opal petrol."

Another $1.5 million from the ABA will fund infrastructure for the development of a tourist resort at Dugong Beach by Groote Eylandt’s Indigenous people.

"The necessary infrastructure to be put in place will underpin the resort project," Mr Brough said.

The ABA is funded by the Australian taxpayer to benefit Aboriginal Territorians. The Australian Government funding to the ABA matches royalties from mining on Aboriginal land which are in the main paid to the Northern Territory Government.

"I congratulate ABA chair, Miriam Rose Baumann, and committee members for recommending these two initiatives which again demonstrate a commitment to ensure that ABA funds are soundly targeted to areas of social need and economic opportunity for Indigenous Territorians," Mr Brough said.