Media Release by Senator the Hon Nigel Scullion

Snapshot of the community housing sector

The Community Housing Federation of Australia’s (CHFA) 2005-06 Community Housing Mapping Project, launched today by Minister for Community Services Senator Nigel Scullion, has revealed a diverse and complex community housing sector.

The Mapping Project captures information on trends and key issues from both the Commonwealth State Housing Agreement (CSHA) and non-CSHA funded community housing services.

‘The Mapping Project gives a moment in time snapshot of the community housing sector and provides both the Australian Government and stakeholders with important and current information about the community housing sector,’ Senator Scullion said.

‘Community housing is managed by a wide range of organisations including welfare and not-for-profit organisations, community housing co-operatives, local government organisations and church-based organisations.

‘One disappointing finding was that organisations are unaware funding is received from the Australian Government and/or State Housing Authorities.

‘Under the 2003-08 CSHA,$4.75 billion is distributed to states and territories and some of this funding is provided to community housing organisations to assist those most in need.

‘The Australian Government through the CSHA, provides $328 million from 2003-08 specifically for the Community Housing Program.

‘The Mapping Project shows us that a number of community housing tenants are also in receipt of Commonwealth Rent Assistance.

‘Through Rent Assistance, the Australian Government has provided more than
$2 billion to families and individuals in 2006-07, helping them with rent and supporting people’s access to a range of housing choices.

‘The total Australian Government contribution to housing means that for every $4 we provide, $1 is provided by the states and territories,’ Senator Scullion said.