Media Release by Senator the Hon Amanda Vanstone

Australia Signs Social Security MOU With Indonesia

The Memorandum of Understanding that I am signing today with Indonesia’s Minister for Manpower and Transmigration, His Excellency Mr Jacob Nuwa Wea, highlights the high international regard held for Australia’s social security system.

This is the first time my portfolio has had a formal agreement with an Indonesian Ministry. Australian personnel will work closely with their Indonesian counterparts to strengthen the operations of the Indonesian social security system by providing technical advice and expertise.

Indonesia is one of Australia’s closest neighbours and we have many important interests in common. Formalised cooperation like this MOU will help each of us achieve our shared goals sooner.

Mr Nuwa Wea’s ministry is responsible for the legislation and operational performance of JAMSOSTEK, the organisation that provides retirement pensions, workers’ compensation, maternity and death benefits to workers in the formal sector for Indonesia.

The Indonesian Government wants JAMSOSTEK to develop into a customer-focussed, responsive organisation that is attuned to social and economic changes that are taking place.

I expect that innovations in customer service and IT-based operations developed by Centrelink in recent years will be of great interest to the Indonesian Government.

My portfolio has agreements for cooperation with seven other countries, including China and Vietnam, to redevelop their income support systems. I am very pleased to see yet again that our expertise and knowledge is highly valued.