Media Release by Senator the Hon Kay Patterson

Achiever awards presented to valued employees

Minister for Family and Community Services, Senator Kay Patterson, today presented awards at Disability Services Australia’s 2003 Business Service Employee Achiever Awards ceremony.

Senator Patterson congratulated the winner, Roland Husson, and said the awards formally recognise the outstanding efforts and achievements of all employees with a disability who have received assistance from Disability Services Australia (DSA).

In addition, Senator Patterson presented awards to three employees who had been employed by DSA for thirty years and nine employees who had been employed for fifteen years.

“DSA employs over 500 employees in their disability employment services located in Sydney, Wollongong and the Southern Highlands, and is one of the largest employers of people with a disability in NSW,” Senator Patterson said.

“In 2002-03, the Australian Government provided nearly $3 million to DSA to supply disability employment assistance services. It has also provided over $100,000 in case based funding, which is a major initiative of the Australian Government’s disability service reforms.

“An extensive trial and evaluation of case based funding has shown that it enhances job seeker access and choice of services and delivers durable employment outcomes.

“Case based funding is a fee-for-service arrangement where funding levels to service providers are based on the job seeker’s support needs and employment outcomes.

“People with disabilities often face many barriers when they try to participate in the labour force and the community and it is organisations such as DSA which are giving people with a disability the opportunity to participate in the workforce.

“More and more of the business community is recognising that people with a disability bring a wide range of skills and talents to the workplace, and there are many people with disabilities who want to find challenging and fulfilling work.

“The Australian Government is committed to giving everyone more opportunities to reach their full potential and make the most of their lives.”

Winner of the Business Service Employee Award

Roland Husson – DSA Business Services – Bankstown

30 Years Long Service Employees

  1. Linda Anerdi – DSA Business Services – Redfern
  2. David Gray – DSA Labour Solutions
  3. Ron Hagan – DSA Labour Solutions

15 Years Long Service Employees

  1. Carl Cunneen – DSA Business Services – Bankstown
  2. Brian Fincato – DSA Business Services – Bankstown
  3. Darren Malcolm – DSA Business Services – Redfern
  4. Robert Merchant – DSA Business Services – Bankstown
  5. Joy Mickan – DSA Business Services – Bankstown
  6. Jennifer Nguyen – DSA Business Services – Bankstown
  7. Rodney Peat – DSA Business Services – Bankstown
  8. Bernadette Sullivan – DSA Business Services – Bankstown
  9. Arzina Zakarian – DSA Business Services – Redfern