Media Release by Senator the Hon Nigel Scullion

People with disability gain supported employment in the hospitality industry

Ten people with disability in Geelong, Victoria will have further employment opportunities through a new industrial café, supported by $78,400 in Australian government funding.

Minister for Community Services, Senator The Hon Nigel Scullion today officially opened The Kommercial Café at the Alcoa Point Henry industrial site.

‘This café is an excellent example of an innovative setting in which to employ people with disability and will provide a blue print for similar industrial sites across Australia,’ Senator Scullion said.

‘It is a pioneering approach to getting supported employment places for people with disability working with and providing café services within an industrial setting.

‘The canteen will be primarily staffed by 10 supported employees with disabilities who will provide all on-site food services for the entire plant which has a daily population of between 700 to 1000 people’, said Senator Scullion.

The Australian Government committed $78,400 through its Business Services Assistance Package, which aims to provide practical assistance to business services to increase long-term viability and capacity to be self-sustaining business enterprises.

In addition to providing the Geelong community with employment opportunities for people with disability, this initiative has broader positive implications for supported employment across Australia.