Media Release by The Hon John Cobb MP

Australian Government Support for Homeless or people at risk of Homelessness in NSW

Minister John Cobb, Acting Minister for Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, says that the Australian Government takes the issue of homeless people, or those at risk of becoming homeless, very seriously.

‘The Australian government will provide the NSW government with almost $304 million over 5 years as a contribution towards NSW government administered programs through the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP), said Mr Cobb.

The Australian Government provides support to the States through the SAAP agreement as well as programs and initiatives that we fund and administer directly.

‘Unlike most State governments, NSW does not have a homelessness strategy, said Mr Cobb.

‘While NSW matches the Australian Government SAAP funding it has not substantially increased its own funding for SAAP or other crisis accommodation or homelessness strategies, said Mr Cobb.

‘In addition to providing the NSW Government with $303.228 in SAAP base funding, the Australian Government has also committed $3.570 million in innovation and investment project funding, said Mr Cobb.

‘Additionally the Australian Government has two Demonstration Projects funded under the National Homeless Strategy in NSW, totally $742,943.

‘Other initiatives fully funded by the Australian Government include a number of programs that are designed to help people at risk of becoming homeless, said Mr Cobb.

‘These are designed as preventative as well as cure.

These include:

Household Organisational Management Expenses (HOME) Advice Program, Reconnect, and Job Placement, Employment and Training Programme (JPET).

‘The Australian Government will continue to provide support to that seeking crisis accommodation or at risk of becoming homeless through both SAAP and intervention programmes, said Mr Cobb.