Media Release by The Hon John Cobb MP

Government and industry leaders explore affordable housing for Australians

Federal Minister for Community Services, John Cobb, today met with prominent housing industry leaders to discuss options and models to deliver more affordable housing for lower income households across Australia.

‘Today I met members from PowerHousing Australia, Melbourne Affordable Housing, and Lend Lease, groups which have the collective goal of improving housing affordability for Australians,’ Mr Cobb said.

‘The Melbourne Docklands Project, a partnership between Melbourne Affordable Housing and Lend Lease, is creating affordable housing for low-income earners in an ideal location in Melbourne.

‘PowerHousing Australia is a not-for-profit network of eleven successful, well-established affordable housing providers, formed to meet the needs of low-income individuals across the country.

‘The Australian Government makes a considerable contribution to improving housing affordability for low-income Australians through the Commonwealth State Housing Agreement (CSHA) and Commonwealth Rent Assistance program.

‘Through the CSHA, this Government have committed around $4.7 billion in grants to the State and Territory Governments over five years to supply affordable public and community housing to low income earners.

‘Under the CSHA, the States and Territories are required to reduce workforce disincentives and increase private sector involvement in public and community housing, with the aim of improving housing outcomes and expanding the supply of housing.

‘State and Territory Governments control the means to provide housing assistance and make the development of affordable housing for low income earners more feasible.

‘Since 2000, this Government has also delivered $5.9 billion through the First Home Owners’ Grant Scheme. Over $2 billion a year has also been provided in Rent Assistance, supporting income support recipients and low income families in the private rental market.

‘The Australian Government recognises access to affordable housing is a complex issue, important to the achievement of a range of social outcomes, such as finding work, education and participating in society, and it is important to explore ideas with leaders in this industry,’ Mr Cobb said.