Speech by Senator the Hon Kay Patterson

Launch of the Fisher-Price Child Care Awards 2005


  • Ms Catherine Harvey – Brand Manager, Fisher-Price.
  • Ms Anne Clark – President, Childcare Associations Australia
  • Mr Paul Clancy – Managing Director, Australian Family.
  • Ms Claudia Keech – Chief Executive Officer, MotherInc.
  • Ms Sophie Cross – Public Relations Manager, MotherInc.
  • Children and Staff of Richmond Crèche and Kindergarten.

Thank you Catherine

I am delighted to be here today to launch the 2005 Fisher-Price Child Care Awards.

I would like to thank Fisher-Price and Childcare Associations Australia for this privilege, and congratulate them their partnership in establishing these awards

These awards recognise and reward the outstanding contribution that child care professionals make to the lives of many Australian children.

I am also very pleased to note these awards have a very appropriate theme ‘Celebrating our Child Care Workers’, and there are many good reasons why we should!

In particular, I think we all know the substantial impact child care workers have in fostering the wellbeing of young children by ensuring that children in care, have positive learning experiences and interactions that nurture all aspects of their development.

Their dedication and professionalism in supporting children in care ensures young children in child care have a bright and vibrant future.

Now to the official part of proceedings.

It is with great pleasure that I officially launch the Fisher-Price Child Care Awards as ‘open’ for nominations.

Nominations are open today through the Australian Family Magazine and the MotherInc. website at www.motherinc.com.au.

Nominations close on 10 November 2005.

I encourage all child care services, parents and communities to nominate child care workers that they know, so they can be recognised for their outstanding contribution to the Australian community, for which they richly deserve.

I congratulate all those involved in these awards, in particular Fisher-Price, MotherInc and Childcare Associations Australia for this exciting initiative.

I look forward to hearing about the Award winners and the fantastic work they have been recognised for.

Thank you

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