Media Release by The Hon John Cobb MP

Equal employment opportunities in Mudgee

The Minister for Community Services, John Cobb, today toured the facilities of Mudgee Foundation and met with the dedicated employees who have made the business such a success.

‘Mudgee Foundation is a business service, funded by the Australian Government, which employs local people with disability, enabling them to remain active members of their local community,’ Mr Cobb said.

‘The business employs up to 32 workers with disability to run a recycling operation, a second hand goods store and an ironing service.

‘Funded under the Disability Employment Assistance Program, the business will receive up to $355 520 in 2006-07, which includes $16 500 in recognition of the additional costs of providing a supported employment service in a rural area.

‘In September 2006, the Australian Government committed further one-off funding of more than $130 000 under the Business Services Assistance Package to enable the business to purchase new equipment and plan for future viability and business success.

‘I congratulate Mudgee Foundation for their continued commitment to providing meaningful employment opportunities to people with disability and I wish the business ongoing success for the future,’ Mr Cobb said.

The Disability Employment Assistance Program offers employment, support and assistance to people with disability, enabling them to enjoy the same basic rights and opportunities available to all working Australians.

The Business Services Assistance Package aims to provide practical assistance to business services to increase their long-term viability and their ability to be self-sustaining business enterprises.