Media Release by The Hon John Cobb MP

Minister Cobb visits Activ Mining Supplies

The Minister for Community Services, John Cobb, today visited Activ Mining Supplies, a business providing meaningful employment for people with disability in Kalgoorlie.

‘Activ Mining Supplies is one of 14 Activ Foundation outlets and offers supported employment for people with disability to undertake the production of steel wool filters, sample bags, shot hole markers, cleaning rags and other items to the gold mining industry,’ Mr Cobb said.

‘I announced yesterday that Activ Foundation will receive an additional $1 million in funding to invest in equipment and upgrades to facilities and infrastructure, enabling them to better serve the needs of their employees and clients.

‘This funding is being provided under the Business Service Assistance Package, in addition to the up to $8 million in Case Based Funding they receive, to enable Activ Foundation to provide supported employment for people with disability.

‘Activ Mining Supplies will receive Australian Government funding up to $180,000 in 2006-07 under the Disability Employment Assistance Program to support up to 15 people with disabilities.

‘I commend Activ Mining Supplies on their efforts to support people with disability to participate in the workforce and enable them to participate more fully in their community,’ Mr Cobb said.

The Disability Employment Assistance Program aims to offer employment, support and assistance to people with disabilities to enable them to participate in all aspects of community life.

Case based funding is a fee-for-service arrangement, where fees are paid to service providers to assist job seekers with disabilities to find and keep employment.