Media Release by The Hon John Cobb MP

Government Delivering Jobs for Disabled Australians

The Minister for Community Services, John Cobb highlighted in Question Time today the Australian Government’s role in creating meaningful employment for Australians with disabilities.

Mr Cobb said Disability Business Services are providing over 17,000 jobs around Australia in 232 businesses through 380 outlets.

‘The Australian Government is assisting Business Services provide jobs to people with disabilities, and ensuring their long term viability, through the $99 million Business Services Assistance programme.

‘The Business Services Assistance Programme provides equipment upgrades, process improvements, product development & marketing assistance.

‘Employees are learning valuable skills like welding, and using precision machinery.

‘Business Services have excellent safety and attendance records.

‘Importantly they are also training potential workers for a range of industries and they provide real jobs for people with a disability.

‘I would strongly encourage all Australian companies to actively seek business opportunities with Disability Business Services.

Mr Cobb said another example of where the Government is helping Australians with a disability is Job Network – through which 11,000 people with disabilities have moved into employment in the last year – a new record.

‘The Australian Government’s reforms are building confidence and self esteem – and giving people with a disability a pay cheque instead of a welfare cheque.