Media Release by The Hon John Cobb MP

Minister meets with Indigenous youth

A group of 16 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young men and women have met with the Minister for Community Services, John Cobb, to update the Minister on their projects to assist and encourage other Indigenous youth.

‘Since their first meeting in September last year, the members of the National Indigenous Youth Leadership Group (NIYLG) 2005-06 have been working in small teams on the development of five projects,’ Mr Cobb said.

‘The projects are based on members’ nominated areas of interest including youth leadership, family violence, employment, cultural identity and education.

‘Members involved in the Youth Leadership project team are developing a DVD, showcasing the life stories of current Indigenous leaders, with the aim of supporting and inspiring young Indigenous people to realise their own leadership aspirations.

‘The Family Violence project team will produce a booklet summarising support options available in Central Australia to help victims of family violence. The booklet will also outline services available to perpetrators to help stop them re?offending.

‘An information pack to help Indigenous job?seekers featuring practical information about resume building and writing job applications will be produced by the Employment group.

‘The Education group is undertaking a series of interviews with Indigenous secondary students to identify some of the key issues affecting their decision to stay in school, while the Cultural Identity Group is working to strengthen the connection of young Indigenous people to their culture through improved training and education.

‘These projects, and the outcomes they will create, reflect the diversity of cultural heritage, life experiences and circumstances among Indigenous youth today.

‘Members of NIYLG, which was established in 2001 as a formal consultation process linking young Indigenous people with the Australian Government, have been chosen for their strong leadership skills and their achievements in their communities.

‘The Australian Government is committed to providing a strong voice for Indigenous people and NIYLG is a successful avenue for this to be achieved, while at the same time, giving the Government an insight into ways to assist Indigenous youth reach their potential,’ Mr Cobb said.