Media Release by The Hon John Cobb MP

Governments Deliver $1.4 Million for Housing Research Projects

The Minister for Community Services, John Cobb, today announced almost $1.4 million in Government funding for 13 projects as part of the latest round of research through the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI).Mr Cobb said the projects are part of a $15 million joint venture between the
Howard Government and all States and Territories to deliver relevant research on housing and related urban issues in Australia.

‘The research projects will provide a valuable insight into current housing trends, homelessness and other social policy issues, and assist decision makers in understanding and identifying trends to help inform future policy making,’ Mr Cobb said.

‘Of the 13 projects to receive funding, five will be undertaken in Victoria, four in Queensland, two in the southern research centre in South Australia and Tasmania, one in NSW and a further joint project in NSW and Queensland.’

The research projects will include ‘Older persons in public housing‘, ‘Child support and housing outcomes‘, ‘Flexible housing design for Indigenous communities‘ and ‘International housing trends and policy responses‘.

‘Since 2000 AHURI has completed more than 90 research projects on a wide range of issues including housing assistance programs, Indigenous housing and homelessness.

‘With the help of AHURI, the Howard, State and Territory Governments are maintaining their support and continued attention on this important aspect of Australian life,’ Mr Cobb said.

For more information about AHURI and their research visit the AHURI website External Site or call 03 9660 2300.