Media Release by The Hon John Cobb MP

Minister Cobb visits grassroots services in Brisbane community

The Minister for Community Services, John Cobb, today visited several services to see first hand the outstanding work they are delivering to the Brisbane community.

‘These visits have provided me with an opportunity to view the invaluable work these services continue to deliver to the community on a daily basis,’ Mr Cobb said.

‘In 2006-07, the Australian Government will deliver an estimated $166 million in funding to disability employment services across Australia and of that, approximately $19 million will distributed amongst the Queensland services.

‘Endeavour Foundation’s Northgate Business Services provides employment assistance for 150 supported employees and in 2005-06 received over $1.15 million in Australian Government funding.

‘Wesley Mission Brisbane’s Work Solutions Business Services, through funding of more than $565 000, provides assistance to 66 supported employees to undertake a number of business activities including bulk mailing, packaging and industrial rag production.

‘Established in 1968, Help Enterprises Business Service, a community based, not for profit organisation, has been supporting people with disabilities with a number of services including open employment services, a skills training centre and horticulture services.

‘Help Enterprises Business Service is supported by the Australian Government with more than $475 000 in 2005-06 funding for employment assistance to 90 supported employees.

‘The ‘Community Connections’ North East Brisbane Reconnect continues to deliver prevention and early intervention services to youth who are homelessness or at risk of homelessness and their families.

‘The service receives $192 000 in funding each year under the Australian Government’s Reconnect Program to engage youth people to reconnect with their families, education and the community.

‘As the Minister for Community Services, I am delighted to have visited these exceptional services which continue to contribute so much to the community, Mr Cobb said.