Media Release by The Hon John Cobb MP

More help for the homeless

The Minister for Community Services, John Cobb, today announced funding of over $3.2 million under the National Homelessness Strategy (NHS) to trial and develop projects to prevent and reduce homelessness.

Mr Cobb said eight organisations from across Australia would be funded in the first round of the NHS Demonstration Projects, helping people from a wide range of backgrounds including children and youth, families, people with mental illness, people leaving prisons and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

‘In the 2005-06 Budget, the Howard/Vaile Government announced a further $10 million over four years in funding for the NHS to help people who are vulnerable to homelessness,’ Mr Cobb said.

‘The successful organisations will undertake projects to help respond to the wide range of issues facing people at risk of becoming homeless, and the wide range of assistance they require.

‘Through this funding, Anglicare Tasmania will provide early intervention and prevention services to people with acute mental illness in the Launceston and Burnie region of Tasmania.

‘Anglicare will provide services assisting people at risk of becoming homeless as a result of mental illness while they are still in the care of mental health services.

‘Micah Projects in Brisbane will help families at risk of becoming homeless, who are not able to use the Supported Accommodation and Assistance Program, to access housing and help to maintain their tenancies.

‘Additionally, two organisations have been selected under NHS Communication Activity funding to run communication activities, enabling service providers to share their findings and experiences through workshops, training, conferences and publications,’ Mr Cobb said.

Further information on the NHS can be obtained by calling the NHS Hotline on
1800 771 393 (freecall) or email NHS (

National Homelessness Strategy Demonstration Projects

YP4 Consortium
Funding: $300,000
Location: Urban and Regional Victoria
To develop better and more sustainable outcomes for young homeless jobseekers.

Anglicare Tasmania
Funding: $467,000
Location: Burnie and Launceston
To focus on the interface between housing and clinical mental health wards, targeting people who are vulnerable to homelessness as a result of their mental illness.

Southern Youth and Family Service
Funding: $312,000
Location: NSW South Coast (Illawarra and Shoalhaven)
To target homeless and disadvantaged young people, aged 15-23, including Indigenous clients, culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, young parents and young people with special needs.

Merri Outreach
Funding: $500,000
Location: North and West Metropolitan Melbourne
To focus on children under 12 years who present with issues such as loss and grief, difficulties with learning and or schooling, and health issues.

Sisters Inside
Funding: $420,605
Location: Brisbane and Townsville
To support women released from prisons experiencing multiple social and economic disadvantage pre and post release through a constellation of limited employment skills and opportunities, insufficient income and difficulties establishing social networks.

Micah Projects
Funding: $500,000
Location: Brisbane
To deliver a collaborative model of practice to improve the capacity of local services to respond to the needs of homeless and at risk families with children, who are not able to access SAAP services.

Mission Australia
Funding: $430,443
Location: Sydney
To target Indigenous people in urban areas who are vulnerable to homelessness.

Canberra Fathers and Children Service Inc
Funding: $300,000
Location: ACT
To provide early intervention support to prevent homelessness of recently separated fathers who have difficulty maintaining safe, appropriate contact with their children.