Media Release by The Hon Larry Anthony MP

New Minister commits to stronger families and stronger communities

In Parliament’s Question Time today, new Minister for Community Services Larry Anthony promised to dedicate himself to stronger families and stronger communities.

“I believe stronger families mean stronger communities and a better Australia – and that is what I want to bring to this portfolio,” Mr Anthony said.

“The Coalition’s National Families Strategy is already delivering a practical preventative strategy to help all Australian families with raising children,” he said.

“We are committed to an early intervention strategy which addresses the problems that can arise in family life, not just in our cities, but right around Australia including rural and regional areas” he said.

Mr Anthony said the government was focusing on early intervention programs such as Partnerships Against Domestic Violence, the Youth Homelessness Pilot Program, child abuse prevention and family relationships.

Mr Anthony said the Government had committed funding a wide range of prevention and early intervention programs, including:

  • $516m to help the fight against drugs
  • $60m over 4 years with ongoing funding of $20m per annum for early intervention support for young people at risk of homelessness and their families
  • $57.8m towards fighting youth suicide
  • $50m for Partnerships Against Domestic Violence Initiative
  • An extra $15m for community marriage and relationship education and support for men in relationships
  • $8m for new approaches to crime prevention and early intervention
  • $12m over 4 years for child abuse prevention

“This government is committed to supporting Australian families and the community in general by focussing on prevention and early intervention,” Mr Anthony said.