Media Release by The Hon Tanya Pibersek MP

Nation Building Economic Stimulus Plan supporting construction jobs in Melbourne’s south-east

Joint Media Release with:

  • Richard Wynne, Victorian Minister for Housing
  • Alan Griffin MP, Member for Bruce
  • Mark Dreyfus MP, Member for Isaacs

Federal Housing Minister Tanya Plibersek and Victorian Housing Minister Richard Wynne today visited Melbourne’s south-east, where over $780,000 is being invested to upgrade 128 social housing dwellings before the end of this financial year.

Ms Plibersek and Mr Wynne, who visited the area with Federal MPs Alan Griffin and Mark Dreyfus and Victorian MP John Pandazopoulos, said the investment was part of the Federal Government’s Nation Building Economic Stimulus Plan.

The Government’s investment in the local area in 2008/09 includes:

  • Bruce – $575,626 to upgrade 89 homes;
  • Isaacs – $208,204 to upgrade 39 homes.

Ms Plibersek the Rudd Government investing just under $50 million in 2008/09 right across Victoria on social housing maintenance as part of the Nation Building Economic Stimulus Plan. Further allocations will soon be announced for 2009/10.

“The Rudd Government’s $6.4 billion investment to build 20,000 social housing dwellings across Australia will stimulate the building and construction industry and has been estimated by Treasury to support 15,000 jobs nationally over the next two years,” Ms Plibersek said.

“Nearly 70 percent of the Nation Building Economic Stimulus Plan is infrastructure and these construction projects are now underway.

“When the stimulus package gets up to full steam in about 12 months, there will be around 35,000 individual construction projects around the country.

“It’s not just about jobs for builders and tradies but also associated industries such as building manufacturers and suppliers who help keep the Australian economy ticking over.”

Mr Wynne said the provision of adequate social housing was particularly important in the current global economic climate.

“This significant investment in repairs and maintenance will prolong the useable life of these units and improve amenity for tenants,” Mr Wynne said.

“These infrastructure projects show the Australian, state and territory and local governments working together in partnership.”

Mr Griffin said housing and construction is a major employer in the Australian economy.

“The Rudd Government is taking practical steps through its Nation Building Economic Stimulus Plan to cushion the impact of the global financial crisis by supporting jobs in the construction sector,” Mr Griffin said.

“In addition, there is the important social benefit of providing more affordable housing to people who need it the most.”

Mr Dreyfus said the Rudd Government had hit the ground running to deliver a boost for the construction industry during the global financial crisis.

“This investment is a great boost for local jobs and for tenants living in social housing homes in the Greater Dandenong area,” Mr Dreyfus said.

Mr Pandazopoulos said the Victorian government was getting on with the job of delivering services to the local community.

“All governments are committed to ensuring we pull out all stops to meet these tight delivery deadlines,” Mr Pandazopoulos said.

“It’s great to see local jobs are being protected during these tough global economic times.”