Media Release by Senator the Hon Linda Reynolds CSC

New Monthly Data Shows Continued NDIS Growth

New data shows that the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) continues to grow, with the world-first reform now providing disability support to more than 472,000 Australians.

The NDIA will now be releasing key data monthly to provide more regular updates on NDIS performance measures. This is in addition to the comprehensive Quarterly Reports.

The data shows that in July 2021:

  • $2.15 billion was paid in participant supports – an 18 per cent rise on July 2020, and 3 per cent more than was forecast in the interim update to the AFSR;
  • The Scheme welcomed 6,020 new participants, for a total of 472,639 – slightly lower than the 474,602 forecast in the interim update to the Annual Financial Sustainability Report (AFSR) (July 2020 comparison: 6,961 new participants for Scheme total of 398,960);
  • Participants received, on average, $53,400 in annualised paid supports – a 3 per cent increase from July 2020, and 3 per cent higher than the interim AFSR update.

Minister for the NDIS, Senator the Hon Linda Reynolds CSC, said the Morrison Government was committed to ensuring that the scheme was the best it could be – so that Australians could continue to rely upon it.

“We know that the NDIS has already transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Australians and that of their families,” Minister Reynolds said.

“But we also recognise that the scheme needs to continue to improve, so that it can be fairer and more consistent for the future.

“The costs of the NDIS continue to increase at a much higher rate than was expected, which means that it is now facing sustainability challenges,” Minister Reynolds said.

“By making this data available on a monthly basis, all Australians will be able to see and track the scheme’s growth, ensuring that everyone is informed.”

All governments have made a commitment to tackling these issues, while ensuring that every eligible Australian who relies upon the NDIS continues to receive the support they need.

At the August Disability Reform Ministers meeting, Ministers agreed for officials to develop a forward work plan on how to address sustainability issues, with an interim report back to Ministers later this year.

“Participants are relying on the Commonwealth, states and territories to work together in a multi-partisan way to ensure the NDIS grows in a sustainable way.”

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) will continue to publish monthly data, in addition to the NDIS Quarterly Reports, on the NDIS website.

The monthly data reports are available on the NDIS website.