Media Release by The Hon Tanya Pibersek MP

National Homelessness Information Clearinghouse Launched

The National Homelessness Information Clearinghouse will be launched today at the NSW Youth Accommodation Association Conference in Newcastle.
The launch of the National Homelessness Information Clearinghouse will make it much easier for the homelessness sector to work together and share ideas.

Sharing research through this new facility will help government, researchers, service providers and the community ensure that our responses to homelessness are working effectively.

This will help to strengthen our ability to address the complex and very real problem of homelessness in Australia.

The Government is providing $500,000 in funding over three years to establish the Clearinghouse from the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program Coordination and Development Committee.

An important aspect of Clearinghouse is the ability to create and develop Communities of Practice – private or public forums which facilitate discussions, research and interaction among those in the homelessness sector.

This is a smart use of technology will overcome logistic barriers such as distance to allow information to be shared with ease.

Research and evaluation is essential to the Australian Government’s comprehensive plan to reduce homeless and the Clearinghouse is a fundamental to increasing access to relevant data and information.

I encourage everyone in the homelessness sector to familiarise themselves with the site and think about how it can be useful to them.

The National Homelessness Information Clearinghouse is available online.