Media Release by The Hon Tanya Pibersek MP

Governments work together to improve housing affordability in Whitehorse

Affordable housing was top of the agenda when , Tanya Plibersek, addressed a local social and affordable housing summit in the City of Whitehorse in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs today.

All levels of government were represented at the summit, which also included local stakeholders including housing associations, welfare groups, banks, developers and real estate agents.

Ms Plibersek said: “Housing affordability is a complex problem that requires cooperation from all three levels of government to make new affordable housing options a reality.

“The Rudd Labor Government is getting on with the job of implementing the $2.2 billion worth of new housing measures that it announced in the May budget.

“This includes First Home Saver Accounts that will help aspiring first home buyers save for their own home, the Housing Affordability Fund to lower the cost of new homes and the National Rental Affordability Scheme to increase the supply of affordable rental homes.

“It is terrific that the City of Whitehorse is holding this summit today, and I hope it will spark ideas for creative new projects to improve housing affordability in this area. I commend Mayor John Koutras and his team for assembling such an impressive cross-section of the community at the summit.”

Member for Chisholm Anna Burke said: “I hope the summit generates a range of positive new ideas that will help to improve housing affordability over the long term. Our housing affordability problem has taken a decade to develop and it won’t be fixed overnight.

“The only way to make a real difference on this issue is to get all three levels of government working together.

“The Rudd Government’s housing program gives us the opportunity to provide more affordable housing for the next generation of home buyers in this region.”

Member for Deakin Mike Symon said: “One of the major contributors to the lack of affordable housing is a shortage of housing supply, and the City of Whitehorse is no exception.

“The Rudd Government has a proactive housing agenda designed to boost supply and enable all people – especially those on low and moderate incomes – to have an affordable place to live.”