Media Release by The Hon Michelle Landry MP

Government continues to seek a home for every child

Permanency reform for children in out-of-home care remains high on the Government’s agenda as affirmed by Assistant Minister for Children and Families, Michelle Landry, today at the Adopt Change event held at Parliament House as part of ‘Yesvember’ Adoption Awareness Month.
“The Government recognises every child deserves a safe and secure home, and that adoption is one pathway to permanency for children who cannot safely return to their families. We will continue to work with states and territories to improve permanency outcomes for the 48,000 children in out-of-home care,” Minister Landry said.
The Inquiry into Local Adoption report, Breaking Barriers: A National Adoption Framework for Australia’s Children, was also tabled today. 
“I thank everyone who took the opportunity to make a submission or attend the hearings to express their views and share their experiences as part of the Inquiry,” Ms Landry said.
Ms Landry acknowledged the emotional impact the Inquiry report may have on some people and said it is important we remember the lessons of the past when considering permanency reform.
A key priority for all governments is ensuring children have a sense of belonging and people in their lives to care for them.
Community Services Ministers recently agreed to Guiding Principles that will underpin national permanency reform. These Principles recognise the national approach to permanency is that the best interests of the child are paramount in permanency decisions.
“These seem to be strong themes coming out of the public submissions and hearings from the Inquiry,” Ms Landry said. “The Government will consider the report and recommendations in light of the work already in progress.”