Media Release by The Hon Tanya Pibersek MP

Government Holds Homelessness Roundtable

The Rudd Government today brought together experts from across the country to discuss new approaches to addressing homelessness as part of a forum of key stakeholders in Sydney.

Convened by Homelessness Australia, the forum comprised representatives from peak homelessness, health, social housing, youth and welfare agencies, homeless service providers, state, territory and local government agencies, academics and Indigenous organisations.

This is part of the Rudd Government’s ongoing consultation with the sector to develop a new approach to addressing homelessness in Australia. We want to get it right.

More than 100 stakeholders attended the meeting, and we gathered their ideas and innovative approaches for the upcoming homelessness Green Paper.

The Green Paper will seek to promote discussion, draw out bold ideas and ambitious approaches to reduce homelessness. When it is released in May, a five week period of public consultation will follow. Written submissions will be invited.

The Rudd Government will subsequently deliver a White Paper in September that provides a comprehensive national approach and action plan to combat homelessness over the next decade.

The action plan will reflect our consultations and consider ideas and innovations while ensuring that we can measure outcomes.

The Government seeks to maximise opportunities for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Australians should be able to participate fully in social, civic and economic life.

We are about putting people at the centre of our policy approach, ensuring the most vulnerable members of our community are heard.

Reducing homelessness is a key priority of the Rudd Government’s social inclusion agenda.