Media Release by The Hon Stuart Robert MP

Western Australian NDIS service providers and participants to benefit from increased price limits

The Morrison Government has today announced an increase to price limits for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) services that will particularly benefit outer regional areas of Western Australia surrounded by remote or very remote geography, such as Kalgoorlie.

Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Stuart Robert, said the significant price increases will positively impact all Scheme participants and providers, building on the Government’s commitment to taking a considered and methodical approach to reforming service delivery to better support all Australians.

‘From 1 July 2019, providers will see increases to remote and very remote plan funding and price limit loadings; changes to billing for travel, cancellations and non-face-to-face services; and a temporary loading for attendant care and community participation supports—including group based supports—to assist organisations transitioning to the NDIS,’ Minister Robert said.

‘A Market Review on conditions in Western Australia, which received 56 submissions, contributed to today’s announcement of increases to price limits.

‘The WA Market Review determined the cost to deliver services to lower density populated areas is discouraging providers from delivering services to participants in these areas, in effect reducing choice for participants.

‘To ensure NDIS participants in outer regional areas surrounded by remote or very remote geography, like Kalgoorlie, are not disadvantaged and can access the best provider market available, pricing limits in these locations have been reclassified as ‘remote’. For these areas this means a minimum 20 per cent increase across the board from 1 August 2019.

‘The NDIA will continue to monitor remote and very remote markets across Australia, and where necessary, intervene with temporary adjustments to price controls to ensure NDIS participants receive the quality and breadth of services they deserve.’

Price limit increases and changes to take effect nationally from 1 July 2019 include:

  • a remote loading of 40 per cent (increased from 20 per cent) and a very remote loading of 50 per cent (increased from 25 per cent) on price limits
  • provider travel claiming has increased from the current cap of 20 minutes to 30 minutes within city areas, and from 45 minutes up to 60 minutes in regional areas
  • a Temporary Transformation Payment of 7.5 per cent in the first year for attendant care and community participation supports for providers who comply with certain conditions
  • two levels for therapy assistant supports
  • an hourly rate for non-face-to-face care activities conducted on behalf of the participant.

Support coordinators will also be able to claim the increased travel time, as well as claim for non-face-to-face coordination activities.

These price increases are in addition to the base rate increases announced for therapy, attendant care and community participation in March 2019.

Price indexation in line with ABS Wage and Consumer Price Indexes and the decisions of the Fair Work Commission will also be applied to various other supports from 1 July 2019, including:

  • 4.5 per cent for supports listed under Assistance with Daily Activities and Social and Community Participation
  • 2.1 per cent for capacity building supports, including support coordination and therapy
  • 1.3 per cent for supports listed under Consumables, Assistive Technology and Home Modification and Specialised Disability Accommodation.

Funding in participant plans will be automatically adjusted from 1 July 2019 to reflect the changes to indexation and the price limits for therapy, attendant care and community participation.

For more information on the changes and the outcomes of the WA Market Review, please visit