Media Release by The Hon Sarah Henderson MP

NDIS Commission roll-out is on target

Joint Media Release with:

  • The Hon Paul Fletcher MP
    The Hon Sarah Henderson MP

  • The Hon Paul Fletcher MP
    The Hon Sarah Henderson MP

The roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Quality and Safeguards Commission (NDIS Commission) is continuing on time and according to plan, Minister for Families and Social Services Paul Fletcher said today.

“These new arrangements for quality and safeguarding provide stronger protections for people with disability than have existed under previous arrangements,” Mr Fletcher said.

The NDIS Commission is the independent statutory body that regulates services and supports delivered under the NDIS to protect the rights of NDIS participants. It was established on 1 July 2018 and currently operates in New South Wales and South Australia, in line with the planned transition to full scheme.

It will operate in Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and the ACT from 1 July 2019, and Western Australia a year later. These states and territories will continue to provide safeguards for all people with disability until the NDIS reaches full scheme in their jurisdiction.

“The Commission has strong investigation and regulatory powers and can take tough action  including, banning and substantial civil penalties,” Mr Fletcher said.

“To date, the Commission has been notified of 1,459 reportable incidents, which include things such as allegations of abuse and neglect, unauthorised use of a restrictive practice, serious injury or sexual misconduct.

“Part of the new system includes an NDIS Code of Conduct that applies to anyone working with NDIS participants, as well as a new regulatory system for providers with national standards of practice and reporting obligations.

“More than 9000 NDIS providers in NSW and SA are being assessed against these new arrangements and the NDIS Commission will decide whether they are fit to provideNDIS services.

Mr Fletcher said the NDIS Commission has already taken action to protect the safety of NDIS participants, including banning, applying compliance conditions and refusing providers registration to provide NDIS supports and services.

There are currently 18 providers under investigation and subject to compliance action.

“More than 600 complaints have been handled by the Commission so far, showing it is working in supporting people with disability to speak up and exercise their rights,” Mr Fletcher said.

“The rights and interests of people with a disability are at the centre of everything our Liberal National Government does. We have already made substantial progress but there is much more to do.”

Assistant Minister for Social Services, Housing and Disability Services, Sarah Henderson, said the work of the NDIS Commission addresses many of the issues raised in recent inquiries.

“The establishment of the NDIS Commission is the mechanism by which the Australian Government will regulate and protect the rights of NDIS participants,” Ms Henderson said.

“The functions of the NDIS Commission were determined following extensive consultation with key stakeholders including people with disability, carers, providers and peak bodies.

“The new quality and safeguards framework replaces complex and fragmented systems of quality and safeguards in each state and territory with a single nationally consistent approach – and this approach was unequivocally supported by the Commonwealth and all state and territory governments.

“Every NDIS registered provider and its key personnel must be assessed by the Commission as suitable to participate in the NDIS market, and to comply with new practice standards relevant to the supports and services they deliver.”

NDIS participants who have concerns about services or supports that are not provided in a safe or respectful way, or to an appropriate standard, are encouraged to contact the NDIS Commission on 1800 035 544.

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