Media Release by The Hon Paul Fletcher MP

National principles to keep our children safe

Joint Media Release with:

  • Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Keeping children safe from harm and wrongdoing while they are in the care of organisations is the focus of a new set of national principles unanimously endorsed by the Australian Government and its state and territory counterparts.
As part of the Government’s response to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, a new national approach has been developed to assist institutions foster and maintain cultures that prevent harm to children and young people.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the Council of Australian Governments was unwavering in its support to endorse the National Principles to give effect to Royal Commission’s recommendations.
“I am pleased to announce the National Principles have now been endorsed by all Australian governments,” the Prime Minister said.
“This is a reflection of how important the safety and protection of children is to all levels of government.
“Everyone has the right to be safe – particularly our children and young people who are more vulnerable than most.
“We want our children to be free from harm and wrongdoing and we want parents to be confident that their children will be safe and looked after when not in their care.”
Minister for Families and Social Services Paul Fletcher said: “The National Principles for Child Safe Organisations will help institutions across the country develop the safe, loving and caring environments Australians expect for their children.
“From leadership to governance and culture, the Principles offer organisations clear guidance to ensure they are set up to protect children from harm.
“The National Office for Child Safety will work with governments and non-government sectors to promote the National Principles and to support their implementation across all sectors.
“I know many people and organisations contributed to the development of the principles and I want to thank everyone involved in this important work.”
Further information on the National Office, the National Principles and resources to support implementation of the National Principles are available through