Media Release by Senator the Hon Amanda Vanstone

Research and Education to Tackle Problem Gambling

Minister for Family and Community Services, Senator Amanda Vanstone, said the Government would set aside $8.4 million over four years for research and education to address the serious issue of problem gambling.

“The Australian community is becoming increasingly aware of the devastating impact that problem gambling has on the community,” Senator Vanstone said.

“Everyone recognises that problem gambling ruins the lives of individuals and their families and we are determined to do something about it.

“Problem gamblers make up just 2% of the adult Australian population yet they account for one third of total gambling revenue. Total gambling revenue in Australia is worth over $13 billion.

“The research will look at issues such as risk factors for problem gambling, the effectiveness of existing treatment programs, and the impact on the community of gambling.

“The Government will work with the States and Territories to ensure that the research program does not duplicate existing research.

“We will also be developing and implementing a public education campaign that will provide information about the risks associated with gambling and information about support services.”