Media Release by The Hon Jane Prentice MP

Support for Australians with disability in the workplace

Australians with disability will be supported to continue in employment with the Turnbull Government providing $5.3 million to supplement their wages.

The Turnbull Government believes that people with disability have as much right as every Australian to enjoy the benefits of employment.

It is estimated that by reducing the employment gap between people with disability and people without disability by one third, Australia’s gross domestic product would increase by $43 billion over the next decade.

The Turnbull Government will provide funding to ensure the financial viability of Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs), which employ approximately 20,000 people with disability.

This funding will create a level playing field for all enterprises paying the higher wages of the Supported Wage System for 1,600 employees with disability across Australia.

The Government is committed to helping businesses remain profitable and provide meaningful work for people with disability.

The funding will be used to supplement wages after the Fair Work Commission recommended changes to the award that covers ADEs, while the changes are addressed.

The Government will provide a further $1 million for trials to inform a new wage assessment approach.