Media Release by Senator the Hon Amanda Vanstone

Ad Campaign Launch Kicks off National Volunteer Week

The Commonwealth’s national advertising campaign for the International Year of Volunteers (IYV) 2001 was launched today at the Adelaide Zoo by the Minister for Family and Community Services, Senator Amanda Vanstone.

The launch marks the start of National Volunteer Week on Monday.

“The advertising campaign emphasises the message for the International Year of Volunteers and recognises the incredible contribution they make to this nation,” Senator Vanstone said.

“Volunteers epitomise the very heart and soul of communities throughout Australia with their dedication and selfless commitment,” Senator Vanstone said.

“This year is an opportunity for us to thank volunteers for their work and encourage others to take up volunteering in an area of interest to them.

“Our TV advertisement shows everyday Australians, from a variety of backgrounds, contributing enormously to the community and getting considerable personal satisfaction as a result.

“I’m sure once people who aren’t volunteers at the moment see the ad, they will think about volunteering and how they can fit it into their lifestyle. I hope it will also inspire these people to call the 1300 information line to see what opportunities exist in their area that might appeal to them.”

“There are different sorts of volunteering to suit everyone’s interest. If you’re into the environment, there’ll be something for you. If live theatre is your thing, you can always help out there. If you like animals, there is always something you can do.”

“Volunteering presents an opportunity to learn new skills and provides personal development, fulfillment, mentoring opportunities, new friends and new experiences.”

National Volunteering Week runs from Monday, 14 May to Sunday, 20 May. For more information about activities happening locally or to become a volunteer, contact your local volunteer resource centre by calling 1300 654 643.

For more information about IYV generally, access the website.

(Senator Vanstone will be launching the national advertising campaign launch for International Year of Volunteers 2001 today at 11:00am at the Central Rotunda, Adelaide Zoo, Frome Road, Adelaide)