Transcript by Senator the Hon Zed Seselja

Doorstop interview



Well, look obviously there’s a lot going on in Parliament today. But, fundamentally it’s critically important that we see Bill Shorten and the Labor party stop voting for their dodgy union boss mates and start voting for the national interest when it comes to reforms in industrial relations.

The Registered Organisations Bill, which is about giving union bosses the same accountability to their members as company directors have to shareholders, is an absolute no brainer.

Why should we have a situation where people who rip off union members are treated much lighter than someone who rips of shareholders. It’s absolutely untenable and the Labor party should support that legislation.

Likewise the ABCC. We see more evidence today in the Courier Mail that company likes Lend Lease losing $100,000 a day due to disruptive industrial action. We do need a touch cop on the beak.

It’s not just important on those sites. This flow on to the broader economy. It means that the cost of infrastructure in this country is far more expensive than it should be. It means that the cost of units and other important buildings are far too high. That flows through to housing affordability and flows thought to tax payers. It’s time that Bill Shorten started acting in the national interest rather than in the interest of simply the dodgy union bosses who fund the Labor party, who fund the Greens. Now is the time for Bill Shorten to do the right thing.


Senator, David Leyonhjelm on radio just now said he may or may not ask the Government for a deal on gun laws when it comes to ABCC negotiations. Is the door open for any changes to gun laws as part of those negotiations?


Well, we’ve been very clear when it comes to gun laws that we will do what it is in the national interest. So in relation to the Adler what we did was put a ban on it coming in until COAG could agree as to how it could be classified. Remember this would have been classified at the lowest classification. It’s now up to COAG to agree. There is no doubt in my mind at all that COAG will come to an agreement that will strengthen restrictions rather than go in the A category which it was before the Coalition Government took action.


We had the ABS chief last night admit that poor judgments were made up to the lead up of the census and as a result tax payers are going to pay an extra 30 million dollars. Are heads going to roll over this? What is the government going to do to ensure this isn’t going to happen again?


Well look obviously – that’s not my portfolio. Obviously we have acknowledged there were errors – clearly there were. And the Prime Minister has made it very, very clear that it is unacceptable. As to the absolute consequence that’s a decision for others.


And what happens in the future to ensure it doesn’t happen again? Will be there some sort of review?


Well there are many lessons that have been learnt. Obviously this was less than ideal and I’m sure the ABS has learnt its lesson.


And Senator, just on the reports that DFAT has spent $215,000 on a Paris junket – do you think that’s an appropriate use of taxpayer funds?


I haven’t actually seen the detail of that report, I’m sorry, so it’s difficult for me to give too much comment.

Thanks guys.